Service: Set & Prop Modelling

Niko 3

The very successful reindeer saga continues to round three! The story remains exciting! After some years, Niko has grown up to be a pre-teen, whose parents are very keen to know what Niko should do with his life. His father wants Niko to continue his work in the Flying Forces – a wonderful job to



Lead-overs between the Sesame Street stories using the look of the popular puppets in different colours and animation variations.


Niko 2 – Little Brother, Big Trouble

When Niko doesn’t take care of his little step-brother Jonni for a minute, Jonni is being kidnapped. Niko and his friend Julius set out to find him. In a turbulent showdown in which all of Niko’s friends and family help, he saves his brother.


Niko & the Way to the Stars

Niko the reindeer has never met his father – A celebrity in Santa’s Flying Forces. Together with his best friend Julius, the young animal goes on a dangerous adventure through Lapland to find Santa and his dad.