Service: Production Design

The Amazing Maurice

Every town on Discworld knows the stories about rats and pipers, and Maurice – a street wise tomcat – leads a band of educated ratty friends (and a stupid kid) on a nice little earner. Piper plus rats equals lots and lots of money. Until they run across someones playing a different tune. Now Maurice


Luis and the Aliens

Luis is eleven and a lonely kid. He only finds real friends in a group of crazy aliens who crash landed on earth. They suggest to fix his life on earth – and a tumultuous adventure takes its course.


Refugees – I want to tell you my story

In a short animated film three children in the age from six to fourteen tell the story of their escape from Iran, Afghanistan and Guinea. Their stories have been written down during their art therapy in the refugees ambulance in UK-Eppendorf – Hamburg. For safety reasons not their real names, but their self choosen symbols


Ooops! Noah is gone…

It’s the last big taboo the bible never mentioned. Now it’s time to talk about it. And to laugh about it. What the hell happened to the creatures who simply missed Noah’s ark? Well, we know where they have stayed. In an exclusive story!


ZDF Class 09

The ZDF accompanied 5 pupils during their last year at school. Documentary in 2 episodes.